Lake View Cemetery - Jamestown, NY - Home

 Welcome to the official website for the Lake View Cemetery Association, Jamestown, NY.  


Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Lake View Cemetery Association is to provide appropriate burial services and facilities

to the families and individuals of our local area.  To this end we have established, and will continue to develop, a

cemetery that meets the continuing, yet ever-changing needs and desires of our community.  Cemeteries

and communities evolve over time, and the Lake View Cemetery Association recognizes the importance of

 providing a sense of continuity to the public, along with the responsibility of safeguarding the history embodied in

the lives of our forebears.  Lake View Cemetery strives to be many things beyond just a place of burial.  It is a place

of reflection, contemplation, and memorialization - a place where both nature's and man's art can co-exist and

enhance each other.  We pledge to preserve and present all these things to the public we serve in a dignified and

respectful manner, ever mindful of our responsibility to the living, as well as those who have gone before us. 

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